Monday, July 12, 2004

Kenna's Aplastic Anemia Journey - 07.12.2004

Date07/12/04 - Clinic

Monday July 12, 2004

A whole week no crises to report. Thanks be to God. Kenna had a visit to the doctor last Thursday to check her levels and was doing well. So Adrienne and Chris decided that they could go ahead with their tentative plans to get away—together—alone—just them—for the weekend. With cell phone charged up to be available for emergencies, they left me with the girls Friday night and took off for 2 nights at the Disneyland hotel. It’s only 20 minutes away, but a world apart.

The girls and I had a great time together, but I never got a chance to even turn on the computer. Two of my sisters from San Diego came with their gentle dogs to help entertain the girls on Saturday, and Barbara and her roommate stopped by for a while. Before we knew it, Sunday morning arrived, and Mom and Dad were home. Kenna was a bit pale and less energetic so we knew her red cells were low, but her gums were doing ok even though it’s been ten days since her last platelet transfusion. Amazing.

Today we took her for her checkup fully expecting to spend the day getting“refills.” But her counts were still not down into critical levels, so we have an appointment for the hospital infusion tomorrow. Even the conservative doctor said perhaps her body is responding to the treatment! Much to be grateful for.