Monday, June 28, 2004

Kenna's Aplastic Anemia Journey - 06.28.2004

Date06/28/04 - Clinic

Monday June 28, 2004

We spent a couple of hours getting Kenna’s blood test and waiting for results on Friday and then the better part of Saturday getting red cells that she needed. Even though it’s a long day, it’s much more pleasant when she’s being cooperative like this time. The blood she received was again from a designated donor which is less apt to cause complications for her, so thank you very much to those who are keeping her alive with your generosity and your recruiting of A+ donors.

Today was the weekly 8am blood test to monitor the levels of drug in her system to see if the dose needs to be adjusted. It has to be done early in the morning and sent out to a special lab. The CBC that they ran while she was there shows that her counts are continuing to climb. When we asked the doctor if this was a good sign, she just hedged saying it’s very early in the treatment. We have to be prepared that this could be a false start and the course will be several years as predicted. The doctors and drugs are instruments, but only Our Father knows how to best use this difficult situation and when it’s saving grace will be accomplished.