Saturday, July 3, 2004

Kenna's Aplastic Anemia Journey - 07.03.2004

Date07/02/04 - Clinic

July 3, 2004

Remember the photo a couple of weeks ago with the chocolate residue all over Kenna’s face? This week she was happily coloring one minute and had her face and arm covered in blue marker the next. It faded with soap, but doesn’t come off. Her Daddy is calling her Smurf girl.

She again has gone a couple of days beyond a week before needing platelets. That’s great because she used to need them a day or two shy of a week. Knowing that she would be about due on Friday, we took her for blood test in the morning. She was at 6,000, but not bleeding yet, so they gave us an appointment at the hospital for Saturday at 3pm. By 7 pm Friday night though, she was definitely in need of a transfusion and the medicine intended to control the bleeding of her gums was not helping. So with her looking like a blue vampire, Adrienne and I took her over to check in.

Unfortunately, this week there were no designated donor platelets available for her. And it started off as a trying experience, because there was trouble accessing her port. It seems that the tissue around the site is getting softer since it never gets a chance to heal and the device is shifting. So the first attempt was not successful and we had to go through the whole trauma of holding her down to get sterilized and stuck again. once she was all taped down and got to walk off the stress, she was pretty congenial and we just watched movies for the evening. We finished up and got home about 1am.

Now it should be a peaceful weekend, barring any more of her tricks… maybe even able to enjoy some July 4 festivities together. Have a blessed one, with grateful thoughts for our armed forces.