Monday, July 5, 2004

Kenna's Aplastic Anemia Journey - 07.06.2004

Date07/06/04 - Clinic

Monday, July 5, 2004

We were blessed with a lovely weekend. Adrienne took the girls to the Huntington Beach July 4 parade with some friends. Then we all joined a party later. Carsyn enjoyed the pool and Kenna had fun tossing the beach ball back into the water from the sidelines. This is the first time in months that she has gotten to mix with other kids except at the hospital. With her counts rising gradually and her platelets just refreshed, it seemed safe enough to give it a try.

When we were at the hospital Friday night, we met a mom who had just given birth the day before and was there with her 2 year old who has been in treatment for 2 months, so all three of them were patients that night! We only got to speak very briefly because she got a phone call, but she had such a positive attitude. She gave Kenna a lovely picture of Jesus guarding a child’s bedside. This poster was taped to the door, along with postcards from this website:

~~Ministry of Healing~~
Often your mind may be clouded because of pain.
Then do not try to think!
You know Jesus loves you.
He understands your weakness.
You may do his will by simply resting in his arms.
Nathan Green distributed by Hart Classic Editions